Bookbinding Services

The OrtBindery offers a wide range of bookbinding and finishing services…. Custom bindings, business card edging, boxes, menus, restoration and more…

An amazing finishing element for business cards and invitations.

There are 4 edging options available from the OrtBindery: Foil, Pigment, Split fountain and Screened.

Foil options include Gold, Silver and Copper. Pigment edges can be Pantone matched. Split fountain effects can be either 1 or 2 colours.

Email or Phone for a quote/ samples.

Custom Books

Ah, the joy of something made to your specifications!

Sure, there’s a place for the mass produced, but if you had the choice….wouldn’t you prefer something was a better shape / fit / taste / colour/ size … (fill in the blank) ?

The OrtBindery encourages your input for the binding of your journal, sketchbook, recipe book, thesis, guest book, family history, notes for world domination plans or children’s drawings. Want a book to look like a melted ice-cream, or box of cigars ? Done…

Student Projects & Portfolios

Roll up roll up… All shapes, sizes & styles are bound at the OrtBindery…

A3, 4 & 5, landscape & portrait, or custom sizes ? Yep..

Section sew or flat sheets ? Oh, yes..

You could have a book bound in cloth, paper, leather, cork, timber, acrylic, mesh, metal, canvas, fake grass, carbon fibre- you get the idea; animal, vegetable or mineral? Ok

Boxes can provide extra protection for your books, keeping out light, dust and nosey dinner guests .

From a simple slipcase, though to the dependable solander/ clamshell style, the classic lid & tray, the cheeky matchbox style, and the stylish Japanese foldout.

Add some chicago screws or rings for a simple portfolio, or have one made to look like an old book as a hiding place for your rainy day fund.


If your books looks anything like these , repair and restoration can help return your book to a stable, usable condition…

Some precious books can’t be replaced with a few swift clicks of a mouse and the promise of free shipping… Contact the OrtBindery regarding the repair of that book on loan – damaged while in your care, the family bible or your beloved childhood picture books, currently held together with sticky tape and string…

Other services

OrtBindery also offers these finishing services: Debossing, Guillotining, Drilling, Round-cornering, Stapling, Wiro-Binding, Industrial Stitching

Request a Quote

Need some menus ? A box prototype, Movie prop or a short run of your memoirs bound in leather ? Call 03 95 345 889, or email ortbindery@gmail.com