Our Approach

The truth may be stranger than fiction… fiction can’t be disproved, however…

Born under a road sign, raised by wolves, rescued by a lighthouse keeper. In the right place at the right time, won a competition to be a duke, stint as a milkman, cult following by 3pm via word of mouth, apprenticed to master craftspeople, detour via university, met muse while interning in Europe for food and board. Acquired professional experience through trial and error, with an eyebrow raised….

For the rest, I undertook private studies in bookbinding in the UK and France, developed further in both professional and self driven practice. The MSB was started to pass on the skills and knowledge I’d acquired to anyone who was interested in bookbinding. The OrtBindery grew from that established studio…

Through both, I try to provide bookbinding excellence – in both tuition and services…

Our Story


Something from Shakespeare, perhaps ? Arm me, audacity!

For a quote on a  portfolio or some business card edging: ortbindery@gmail.com, or call the OrtBindery on 9966 3689