Custom Books

Ah, the joy of something made to your specifications!

Sure, there’s a place for the mass produced.

However, when you decide on a custom bound book, you choose the style, materials, colors and typefaces.

The OrtBindery encourages your input for the binding of your journal, sketchbook, recipe book, thesis, guest book, wedding book, family history, notes for world domination plans or children’s drawings. Want a book to look like a melted ice-cream, or box of cigars ? Done…

Student Projects and Portfolios

The OrtBindery binds all shapes, sizes & styles.

A3, 4 & 5, landscape & portrait, or custom sizes ? Yep..

Section sew or flat sheets ? Oh, yes..

You can bind your book in cloth, paper, leather, cork, timber, acrylic, mesh, metal, canvas, fake grass, carbon fibre- you get the idea; animal, vegetable or mineral? Ok

Portfolios can use a Chicago-screw or ring binder metal if you want to change the content, or be permanently bound.


DSCN5311business card edging

Business Card Edging

An amazing finishing element for business cards and invitations.

There are 4 edging options available from the OrtBindery: Foil, Pigment, Split fountain and Screened.

Foil options include Gold, Silver and Copper. Pigment edges can be Pantone matched. Split fountain effects can be either 1 or 2 colours.

Email or Phone for a quote/ samples.


Boxes can provide extra protection for your books, keeping out light, dust and nosey dinner guests .

From a simple slipcase, though to the dependable solander/ clamshell style, the classic lid & tray, the cheeky matchbox style, and the stylish Japanese foldout.

Add some chicago screws or rings for a simple portfolio, or have one made to look like an old book as a hiding place for your rainy day fund.

Ortbindery makes display, materials and presentation boxes, any size and style.

Solander box


Sometimes books are chewed by pets or children, dropped or soaked. They can wear out through years of being read and reread. Restoration and repair can help return your book to a stable, usable condition…

Some precious books can’t be replaced with a few swift clicks of a mouse and the promise of free shipping…

Contact the OrtBindery regarding the repair of your precious family bible, rare volume, beloved childhood books, or that book lent to you by a friend that mysteriously fell apart while in your care...

Other Services

OrtBindery also offers these finishing services: Debossing and gold foil stamping, Guillotining, Drilling, Round-cornering, Stapling, Wiro-Binding, Industrial Stitching.

Contact for more details


Know thy ( book ) shelf

For information on any of the services provided by the OrtBindery...